Food Processing - Hexagon ALI Consultation

Our client is the largest privately held company in the world. This food processing company was looking to digitally transform their global operations. Brownfield and Hexagon had been hired to help them realize their goals on a global scale. The project kicked off with Brownfield and Hexagon utilizing a cloud-based implementation of Hexagon ALI Solutions. Consistency in business processes, standards and facility information is being established throughout the organization.

Existing Strategy

  • 110 facilities across 90 countries
  • Multiple CAD formats, no centralized data solution
  • Poor handover and inefficient re-use of engineering data
  • Little to no use of data within plant operations, maintenance, reliability and turnaround teams

Developed Strategy

  • Single design tool strategy (Hexagon)
  • Establish standards, work processes and data re-use for engineering and plant operations
  • Establish digital twin and engage operations with use of information
    • SDx Operations
    • S3D
    • SPPID
    • SPI
    • SRD
    • SPEL
  • Provided custom documentation and training