Engineering Information Management

Engineering information management services involve systems and processes that are utilized to effectively manage information and data developed as part of engineering and design activities.  Effective management of this information throughout all aspects of engineering and design is critical to the construction, operation and maintenance of a processing or manufacturing facility.


Data Capture

Data Capture is essential in your company’s path toward a digital twin. Brownfield Solutions leverages Hexagon and AVEVA software to extract critical information from documents and create relationships within the system. The asset data is captured through the creation of rules. Nomenclature standards are crucial to this process. If these are currently not in place, we can help in the development for utilization.

Asset Geotagging

Capturing the physical location of an asset within your facility is an important supplement to your digital twin. This service gives you the ability to simply locate assets and complete visual verification without the cost associated with visiting the facility.

Tag & Asset Management

Having accurate tag information is critical for safety and assists the end user in finding updated information on assets within the plant. We aid our clients with the management of your tags and assets with the implementation of a Master Tag Registry. We build it using your tag and document procedures while deploying a tag reservation functionality to assist projects and operations. It is critical to avoid duplication and improve data integrity.

Drawing & Document Management

During an engineering project and throughout your operations, hundreds of thousands of documents will need to be created, revised, and maintained over the asset lifecycle. We work with you to implement systems, processes, standards, and procedures to ensure effective management and data compliance of these critical drawings and documents.

Laser Scan Data Management

Having an accurate real world view in 3D that mirrors your facility is critical for all aspects of the asset life cycle, from construction and operations to decommissioning.  This view gives realism to the digital twin without the requirement of being on-site.

Standards, Processes & Procedures

We can develop new or review existing standards, processes, and procedures related to engineering and asset data creation in your operation. Our services include the maintenance and compliance of that information. 

We work closely with you to recommend enhancements geared toward the long term management of associated data and supported systems. Accurate and consistent information is crucial in creating opportunities for data consumption, technology advancements and digital twin development.

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