Application Administration & Integration

As an alliance partner of Hexagon and AVEVA, Brownfield Solutions helps our customers implement and plan for the long-term sustainability of your data-centric design tools, asset/data management systems, and integration requirements. We have a team of system-trained personnel who are experienced and understand your operational or engineering requirements.

Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence Products

Brownfield Solutions is an approved Systems Integrator of the software products within the Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division. We service clients throughout North America and focus on application support, upgrades, and development of integration plans, allowing you to use the Hexagon suite of tools for your digitization initiatives.

  • SDx
  • SPF
  • Smart 3D
  • Smart Reference Data
  • Smart Instrumentation
  • Smart Electrical
  • Smart P&ID

Hexagon Leica Reality Capture

The Leica Reality Capture division of Hexagon is an important supplier of technology for Brownfield Solutions. We utilize their technologies to provide real world 3D visualizations of the assets in your digital twin environments.

  • Cyclone Register
  • Cyclone Enterprise

AVEVA Unified Engineering Products

Brownfield is a partner of AVEVA. We are a fully certified system integrator and have implemented these tools for clients throughout North America. We focus on application support, upgrades, and development of integration plans which allow you to use the AVEVA suite of tools for your digitization initiatives.

  • AVEVA Engineering
  • AVEVA Instrumentation
  • AVEVA Electrical

Application Integration

By leveraging and developing data relationships from various sources of information, your business can make faster, more informative, and more effective decisions. Integration applies to the ability to access (not modify) various sources of information from a single interface. Brownfield Solutions can complete the data integration of engineering and asset information across various systems, databases, and data sources. Our expertise is focused on the following systems.

  • Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence 
  • Hexagon Leica Reality Capture
  • AVEVA Unified Engineering
  • Maximo
  • SAP

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