Making Engineering Information Accessible

Brownfield Solutions is a technology service provider. We supply operating facilities and engineering companies that have extensive data volumes with tailored engineering information management solutions so that they can improve data integrity and spend less time looking for the reliable data you need.

Tailored Data
Management Solutions

It can be time-consuming to find the information you need when sifting through raw data or jumping between various data sources. Data management systems only solve part of the problem. You may be experiencing issues implementing the software and even limitations with the software itself. Brownfield Solutions believes that the needs of your operation shouldn’t be limited by your information management system. If you need assistance integrating or implementing your data management software and digitizing your existing systems, we are committed to making digitization easier for you.

Our client engagement process

The initial phase of your project involves assessing your existing engineering information and associated systems. This evaluation helps us gain insight into your operational requirements and enables us to develop a data management solution for your operation.

Our specialists design a tailored data management solution. To ensure its effectiveness, we test the recommended functionality internally. We then provide a live demonstration, giving you a firsthand look at your plan in action before its implementation.

Brownfield Solutions is dedicated to improving the efficiency of your operation through our tailored engineering information management solutions. We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process, including software implementation, training, and ongoing assistance.

Brownfield Solutions’ Case Studies

Brownfield Solutions has worked with various companies and operations with a global reach to simplify their data management systems. Read more about the custom solutions created by Brownfield Solutions in our case studies.

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