Consultation and technology services go hand in hand. We can assist with determining the technology that best suits your organization. Our team can also provide guidance related to software implementation, integration, or data management. With our industry experience and knowledge, we are adequately equipped to provide complementing consulting services for your organization and future technology endeavours.

Engineering Information Standards

The fundamentals of any digitization project begin with developing and enforcing information management standards. Brownfield Solutions can assist you with the development of applicable standards that are related to your engineering and asset information to obtain the highest levels of data integrity.


Our goal is to help clients better understand the solutions we provide. Our training allows you and your team to better understand and maintain these complex solutions. We believe it is integral for you to understand your unique solution and be self-sufficient going forward. Brownfield provides on-site/virtual training along with development of manuals, job aides, and user guides to assist with this knowledge transition.

Vendor Application Selection

In today’s world of technology and data-driven solutions, there are many different applications that your corporation may choose from for the management of your operating or engineering activities.  Brownfield Solutions will analyze your needs to help you determine the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your organization. 

Data Handover

Our data handover makes the transition of data between 3rd parties and the data owner easier. We typically see this during large scale engineering projects where data and deliverables are developed through engineering and design phases. Brownfield Solutions offers full support services to ensure this information is transferred and managed accordingly throughout every step of your project.

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