Brownfield Solutions Team

Kayd Larsen

Chief Executive Officer

In his role as a corporate leader, Kayd brings the company's vision to life and fosters a corporate culture that aligns with Brownfield Solutions’ goals. This involves creating and maintaining short and long-term business plans, staying up-to-date with the latest technology and implementation strategies, and ensuring the company remains relevant in the market. To increase visibility, he regularly networks, maintains client relations and provides presentations.

Kayd’s main objective is to generate tangible returns on investments for our clients while being accountable to shareholders for achieving business and personal goals. 

He aims to revolutionize the technology services sector by enhancing applications support services. Additionally, he establishes and maintains strategic partnerships and alliances with other technology and services providers to facilitate growth and innovation.

Murray Goodkey
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Financial Officer

As CTO and CFO, Murray brings years of experience as a business owner. Drawing on his IT background, he is able to guide and direct our clients toward effective software implementations. Specifically, he has implemented applications, developed governance and administration manuals for support, and oversaw cloud-based implementations that involved key stakeholders, including engineering, operations, maintenance, and engineering service companies.

As CFO, Murray ensures the financial success of our business, clients, and customers. This involves careful financial planning and management, and overseeing the execution of financial strategies that drive growth and profitability. He is committed to ensuring that our financial practices are in line with industry best practices and that we operate with transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.

Tyson Cameron
Chief Operating Officer

Tyson is the COO of Brownfield Solutions. He is responsible for overseeing the ongoing operations of the company. Tyson is a seasoned leader, focused on driving results and achieving success. With a proven track record of success, he brings a wealth of experience in implementing Hexagon information management solutions. 

As a collaborative team player, by leveraging his attention to detail, accuracy, and strong work ethic, Tyson can lead others toward achieving their goals. His exceptional communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills allow him to establish positive relationships and coordinate efforts effectively, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.